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I volunteered at Imprint Publications for 5 years, doing various roles including Graphics Editor, Assistant Design Editor, Social Media Editor, Science & Technology Assistant, 2015 Misprint Editor, and proofreader. During my time, I focused primarily on page layoutas well as proofreading print articles for spelling and grammar errors, fact-checking for accuracy.

2014 Misprint


Misprint is a April-fools mini edition of the Imprint newspaper.

I was the editor of the 2014 edition, which meant I was involved in all aspects of the 8 page paper. Initially I recruited writers, photographers, and graphic designers to help create content. For actual production, I personally designed and laid out the paper.

PDF Copy

Final Four


This was a 3 page feature piece in Imprint newspaper in which I designed the layout. The story was written as a 4 part act, and I worked closely with the writer in order to preserve the 4 acts in the layout. You can view a copy of the web version here.

The print and web version went on to win Imprint's Layout of the Term award. It also won the first place in Student Feature Writing for the 2014 BNC Awards.

Election Debate


The election spread aimed to showcase the candidates and provide information for the student election.

PDF Copy

Gaming Column

Designer, Graphic Artist

In this particular layout, I also designed and drew the images that went with the article which gave me better control over the layout and look of the page.

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