sony entertainment network

ui/ux designer, co-op term

As part of my co-op education at the University of Waterloo, I completed several co-op terms, 12 months of which were spent at Sony Entertainment Network as a UI/UX Designer. During this time, I worked on 2 major features that were for Media Go 2.5.

I was one of the two main designers for each of these features. I designed the mockups in Photoshop, created design documentation and wireframes for developers, and was also involved in revisions and design adjustments after implementation.

LRC Lyrics

This feature allowed users to add LRC lyrics to their music files. LRC lyrics are lyrics that have been timed to the music (like karaoke songs for example).

The project consisted of two major parts; the creation of the LRC lyrics, and the playback of LRC lyrics.

Combine & Trim

This feature allowed users to trim and combine videos. After many iterations, we decided to allow the users to view their work as they go, hence the preview window and the ability to move clips around.

The combine wizard allowed users to trim their video clips by using the green and red sliders. The play button allowed users to preview their cut.

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